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Be free

None but ourselves can free our minds – Bob Marley Photo by Tanja Ting

Month of scorpions

I can’t believe we are in November, the month of scorpions, like myself. Photo – Tanja Ting


Sweet memories of our beloved cat Lily, that sadly pass away this summer – Photo Tanja Ting

Black and white

Black and white by night in sunny Ibiza – Photo Tanja Ting


Delicate flowers by Tanja Ting

Magical ruin

Picture from my morning run, a visit to an old magical ruin in the beautiful ibiza countryside.


Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got – Tim Cook  

Yellow beauty

Yellow beauty by Tanja Ting

Ibiza off-road

Nothing better than going off-road in wonderful ibiza.

Soft rose

Beautiful soft rose in it’s finest dress like a princess.

Sparkling sea

Sparkling sea by Tanja Ting

Amazing sunset

Amazing sunset from my roof

Light flowers

Lovely light flowers by Tanja Ting

Jake Bugg

Love the self-titled debut album from Jake Bugg an English musician, singer, and songwriter.

Precious stones

It’s no secret that my biggest inspiration is nature and the perfection in the uneven structure like these precious stones.

Summer is in the air

You can really feel that summer is in the air, the shops are getting ready for the season and more people are heading for the beach in their…

Soft tones

Soft tones by by Tanja Ting

The camper sunrise

Beautiful sunrise kissing my neighbors camper.


How a beautiful sunset always makes me calm & peaceful.

Gypsy heaven

Wonderful gypsy heaven, pure Ibiza.

Michael Kiwanuka


Soft light

How I love the soft sunlight kissing a field full of flowers.

Boho mum

A few years ago when Nika was little, a Dutch magazine called Mama came to Ibiza. They made some beautiful pictures of my family and me the boho…


Satrinxa beach bar in the winter, so nice and calm.

Dancing sea

Windy days & dancing sea by Tanja Ting

In love

I am absolutely in love with these beautiful trousers. Photo via Viciously//Cyd

Fairy tale tree

One of the many fairy tale trees in Ibiza.

First dip off the year

Happy Ibiza kids enjoying the first dip off the year.

Special moments

Special moments! Enjoy and appreciate the small things in life!

Sunset layer-cake

Amazing sunset in Ibiza.