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Simple chain necklace

Beautiful 9 karat gold necklace with two chains by Tanja Ting РAvailable here!

Cube on hemp cord

Gold-plated cube pendant on hemp cord – Available here!

Chunky stick pendants

Beautiful gold-plated necklace with two chunky stick pendants by Tanja Ting – Available here!

Gold leaf

Gold leaf necklace by Tanja Ting is available here!

Lovely silver necklace

Silver necklace with a beautiful Japanese inspired pendant, handmade by Tanja Ting – Available here!

New gold necklace with gemstone

Delicate 9 karat gold necklace with a beautiful gemstone, lovely simple and playful design – available in the shop.


Gold cube

Necklace with 14 karat gold cube on string by TT